The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

Short review. This first appeared on my Goodreads account.

This book is probably one of his best known, no doubt due to the movie, but I would not say it is Ishiguru’s best. One that was better, was Never Let Me Go.

Ishiguru is the master of back story and slow character development. Nothing will happen extremely fast, but he writes well enough that you don’t care. His point is always a human one, not a plot driven one. His conclusion is always more of what John Gardner calls a “logical exhaustion” versus a “conclusion.” The books end, because we have reached the stage of infinite repetition. Meaning that the characters have learned what they are going to learn, even if the ending is not a Hollywood ending.

In this book, as his others, the back stories themselves are intriguing enough that you wish you would hear more on those…but you don’t beyond a few tantalizing tidbits.

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