There is wealth of information and to be honest misinformation and scam-formation out there on publishing. I may be a bit more repetitious on aspects of publishing than I am on the craft of writing, but my hope is that I lend insights to what you may have already learned. Thus, I am not a one stop shop, but hopefully you will learn a few things, or at least disagree with me in a way that causes some thinking. Look for the category Publishing to sift through those posts.

My experience stems from the creation of a small (micro) publishing company, New Libri Press. We do both print and ebook and work with Ingram’s Lightning Source. We are members of the Independent Book Publishing Association. My business partner has been an author and editor for years and was co-owner of other small presses in Germany–which is much friendlier to small presses and book stores. Finally, I also worked for Amazon and have some minor insights into the way they work and think, although that certainly continues to evolve since I have left.

I am not an expert in book marketing (despite having some expertise in larger business marketing). Rather, I may be able to pass on some lessons on what does not work. We learn from our mistakes (I hope).

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