I am a writer. An author. That means little in the way of commercial success. However, I take it seriously, have studied it in structured institutions (MFA and certificates) and most importantly, I keep writing with a goal toward improving the craft. Additionally, I am lucky enough to have a critique group that takes itself seriously. Additionally my business partner and I edit the books we publish and thus we are both exposed to a variety of writing styles and skills. I will on occasion comment on the craft of writing, both directly and in book reviews.  These will show up in the category WritingCraft.

Anyone who has seriously studied the craft aspect of writing will notice some consistent themes. I will try and avoid stating the obvious to those studying writing, but will touch on some of the interesting nuances I have discovered over the years. Like many, I have as hard a time practicing what I preach as anyone.

A number of the postings are from my MFA coursework. These are usually labeled “Response” vs “Book Review” (although I am not always consistent on this). Responses will focus much more on craft and not make judgements on the book itself, so less of a review in the traditional sense. Still, the reader will no doubt figure out if I liked the book or not.

Current postings in the category Writing Craft: