I have a bad habit of multi-tasking my writing. For published works, at this point, most of my writing will be found under the author Tobin Loshento. I do try and keep a light presence for that name on its own website, but this is my main website.  Tobin writes primarily fantasy and science fiction. There are two published novels, two finished but unpublished novels, and one in the works.

Under my real name I am focusing on two pieces.

One is a novel with two female protagonists: One is a homeless alcoholic and the other is an ex-female gang leader. They hook up and influence each other. It is inspired by my sister who died at the age of 28 of alcoholism, possibly aggravated by AIDS before it was commonly diagnosed.

The second is a memoir of sorts, tentatively entitled “Men Care Too,” which covers aspects of my own interaction with caring for my sister as she died, caring for (or being with) my wife when she got breast cancer (and recovered fully, adding a beautiful daughter to the family, dealing with my broken back, and then dealing with the slow, painful decline and death of my mother as we cared for her at home the last six years of her life.

Neither of the two under my own name are agented and I will probably publish those under New Libri Press also–as the query, agent, large publisher process is so painful and slow–despite having some huge advantages. Still, I am in the editing process, which is painful for me (did I mention I am inherently lazy?). I will probably continue to assess the possibilities over the next year.

You will find posts concerning my writing, possibly even some short stories for free, tagged appropriately. Current posts in this category: