Microsoft Teams product : taking bad aim

slack-logoI don’t post too often on Technology like this, for a blog focused on books. The idea was to focus on technology pertinent to books. Still, this was interesting enough to me that I thought I would post a thought.

Microsoft Teams is an add-on to Microsoft Office Enterprise. Notice the emphasis. This means even if you are an Office 365 subscriber as an individual, you don’t get the Teams product.

BIG mistake by my “alma mater,” Microsoft. Slack made it for a couple of reasons. One, it is stand alone, but perhaps more importantly it is available to everyone. Thus, the entrepreneur can play with it on her own, with her family, with her friends. She then pushes its use at the corporate level.

Now, the decision by MSFT probably wasn’t blindly done. One is looking to monetize it, the other is to use the office infrastructure, in particular the infrastructure in a more controlled environment of an enterprise. Still, I think that to gain acceptance they need to roll it out to all Office 365 users. That route is still cheaper and more robust than buying slack and trying to integrate it into the suite.

I would love to test out Teams, as I have used Slack and found it lacking. I think there are some huge opportunities to mesh this with the under utilized OneNote and with voice recognition/mobile devices. I thought Nadella (MSFT’s CEO) was going over all in the right direction, but I am not sure with this one instance.