While I tend to read a lot, I don’t post a review of everything I read. My reviews general take on one of two forms. One is fairly analytical, where in particular I will probably examine what works, or does not, from a writing perspective.  The other is more ad hoc, where I will simply say what I enjoyed, or did not, on a book. I try to give these star ratings, much as you see on Amazon, or its company Goodreads.

I do not focus on new releases. There are many older books that deserve a re-examination and if by putting out reviews of those I get one reader to look at older stuff than I have achieved my mission.

On occasion I do receive a book for review. I will note that in my review. It should be clear to all that I do not receive compensation for any review and it is accepted industry practice to give away books for review. For other products this is slightly controversial, but not with books.

I will, over time, try and dig up some of my old book reviews and put them here also.

If you want me to review a book, first contact me via the contact page/form.

Current Book Reviews