Book Review: Beyond IQ by Garth Sundem

Three out of Five Stars. Worth reading.

This is a fun little book, with a lot of brainteasers and puzzles in it that in theory help stretch your other IQ — the types of things that are not in a traditional IQ test.

The “puzzles” as I call them are going to be familiar to anyone who, for instance, listens to Car Talk and their weekly puzzle quiz. The idea is a bit of the “think outside the box.”
Will this book actually boost your ability to think like this? I personally don’t think so. It will probably jar your thinking in some areas to stretch the way you think, but I found too many of these to be really exercises in semantics. Then the issue becomes do you read the subtle meanings of every sentence you encounter and look for flaws? If you do, you might get more of these puzzles, but simultaneously you will lower your test scores on standardized tests as they focus on “accepted” meanings of a sentence and word.

Still, a fun airplane ride book and if you like to play around with meanings of words and looking for an “out” in a puzzle, you will have fun with this.

I give a bit of a ding in that the back cover over sells/states what the book is about. For a non-fiction book I don’t think that overselling should be done.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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