A Month in New Zealand and Australia

I have been on hiatus for a month as I and the family enjoyed a month in New Zealand and Australia. My daughter did a few postings of the trip (and the rest of us) on a blog we set up for that, at www.cassidysparklestravels.com.    New Zealand and Australia have been on the bucket list for long time, so it was great to get a chance to do this, but I have to admit I am drained and exhausted and I didn’t even do all the planning, my wife did.

I had a chance to read a few books, which will get reviewed here. It was also interesting to see how two different countries view the U.S. in a language that I understand (yeah, I am like too many Americans, pretty much monolingual).

By some statistics Australia reads more books per capita than other countries (but that is based on purchases). By pure “reading” Australia still beats the U.S., but is 15th (the U.S. is 22nd). By all these measures, I remain an outlier with all the reading I do!

I got very little writing done, but that was due to all the travel and adventures. Still, I resolved a couple of plot points in my second in the Hamazan series (not yet out), which should allow for some faster word-smithing in the next few weeks.